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Get Chronic Neck Pain Fixed Forever

Are you sick of waking up in the morning to find out that yet again your neck is tight, stiff and sore?

I truly get it. Having suffered neck and shoulder pain myself and through helping thousands of patients overcome their chronic neck pain.

I know there is a tried and true method that will fix your neck pain (and get it as good as is medically possible) and change your life for the better. Life is hard enough, with early starts, kid’s sports, trying to keep fit and maybe even finding time for a job – you just don’t have time for neck pain, the drain on your energy and the misery that brings.

“If you’ve tried all the treatments and they just didn’t work, then I guarantee that these tried and true principles were ignored”


You must follow these 3 key points religiously or it won’t work.

Getting a Real Diagnosis

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Neck pain is complex. Complex problems need complete and accurate solutions. Or they just don’t get fixed.

Almost all providers claim to offer an explanation of what is wrong with your neck, but how many actually deliver on this claim? In my experience it is extremely rare to find that a patient has been correctly diagnosed (or diagnosed at all) in the past. It’s very difficult for the patient to know the difference. They are not the expert, the person they are paying for the consult is the expert. But time and time again, the wrong diagnosis or no diagnosis is given and your neck pain doesn’t change at all. Some of the most common misdiagnoses that are given here are:

  • Weak muscles (weakness is almost never the root cause of neck pain)
  • Shoulder muscle “tightness” (tightness is not a diagnosis, and more often than not the shoulder pain is coming from tissues deep in your neck – that’s right, rubbing the shoulder muscles will never fix this)
  • Stuck joints (joint’s don’t get stuck, and nobody can agree on a method to identify which one is causing the problem – it’s guesswork, and that’s why the results are as good as random)

We don’t make this mistake with our patients. We will not proceed with any care plan until a complete and accurate diagnosis is made. Having a clear understanding of the problem makes your outcome far more predictable. Meaning you get better – faster – and stay that way for the long haul.

Having a Specific Plan of Action

How many times have you been to see a provider of some description (eg. osteo, physio, chiro) and they do whatever treatment they’ve decided upon that day and at the end of the session you get up to leave. Then you realise that you don’t know what you are doing next. What are the next action steps for you? Do you need to come back? Is your problem fixed? Who knows?

If you are not rushed out of the room and have enough time to ask you might say “hey doc, what’s next? What’s the plan of action? Is that it? Am I fixed now or do I need to come back?”.

This situation happens in the majority of cases and it honestly leaves you feeling unsure, disheartened and probably more than just a bit annoyed!

It’s a major flaw in pain management and the solution is to have a clear plan of action. When you have a proper plan with goals and a timeframe good things tend to happen.goal-plan-action

  1. You achieve goals – for exampleReduce or completely eliminate pain
    • Increased function and mobility
    • Get back to doing what you love
    • Stop taking damaging pain medications
    • Improving your quality of life
  2. You have confidence going forward – your plan/mission is clear
  3. Knowledge of where your treatment path ends
  4. At the end of the day you make REAL PROGRESS and GET OUT OF PAIN


“All of these amazing things start to happen when you have a clear, concise and actionable plan for overcoming your chronic neck pain” – Dr Vibert


Bringing Together Expert Diagnosis, Treatment & Advice

Fixing complex problems requires expert consultation. There are no two ways about it. It has been touted to us by the popular media and encouraged by ill informed healthcare providers that you can always “take charge” and fix your own problems at home. Unfortunately this just does not stack up. If it’s so easy to fix your own problems then why is there an absolute pandemic of disability being caused by muscle, nerve and joint pain across the western world?

If you were on trial for tax fraud, you wouldn’t expect a good outcome by deciding to “take charge” of your case through serious investigation on YouTube or learning the ins and outs of tax legislation from a podcast you listen to on your way to work.

So why would you expect any different if you shop around for the cheapest, quickest, easiest and most convenient “solutions” for your complex and chronic neck pain?


Our amazing results come directly through our extensive training in the United States with Integrative Diagnosis. No other system on earth trains their doctors to fully respect these principles and that is what make us different.

You need an expert. Someone who has literally dedicated his or her life to a continuous development and refinement of skills in:

  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • Advice

For the conservative care management for patients suffering with chronic neck pain.

If this article speaks to you and you have tried all the normal treatments then the next step in the continuum of care is to give our office a call. As W.A’s leading Integrative Diagnosis Clinician I guarantee you will be assessed with more accuracy and expertness than you ever thought possible. And if your case is suitable to my treatment process then you will experience treatment that very few clinician’s in the whole world have legitimate skill in delivering.

If you want the best and are serious about getting your life back then our office looks forward to hearing from you – 9756 8420

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