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Pain Management

Dr vibert assessing a patient's shoulderAt Soft Tissue Solutions, our goal is clear—leave no stone unturned to provide the world’s best standard in muscle, nerve and joint pain management. If you’ve been putting up with persistent musculoskeletal pain, we want to help you get the effective relief you need so you can enjoy all the activities in life you love. The first step is getting a thorough and accurate diagnosis.

Getting the Facts First

Before we can show you a solution to your pain or dysfunction, we need to completely understand your injury. We do this using our uniquely engineered 2 stage Initial Consultation process. We need to find out all of the details about your problem upfront. It’s only through meticulous fact finding that you can expect to obtain excellent results. So that if your condition is suited to our programs of care we can devise an unique treatment plan that suits your condition.

Dr Michael Vibert (Chiropractor) is highly skilled when it comes to diagnosing muscle, nerve and joint pain. He also has extensive training and experience in providing the best solutions available. Since graduating from university, he has dedicated his time and efforts in postgraduate studies on becoming the only fully certified Integrative Diagnosis provider in the South West, the premier system for the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. Chiropractor Dr Vibert continues to refine knowledge and technical skill through extensive training seminars and workshops in Chicago and Boston.

Assessing Through Testing

We will provide a comprehensive physical exam that includes the following types of testing: mobility, function and strength. It’s essential that your body can move painlessly and with ease.

  • Mobility: Various tests will be given to measure your body’s ability to move through space, effortlessly with complete range of motion, and without pain. If you are unable to pass a mobility test, we know that a significant problem exists.
  • Function: To function properly, you must have good mobility, a measurement of your body’s ability to perform load-bearing activities. If you fail a mobility assessment, function will be drastically diminished. For example, if your knee can only bend half-way, it means that the function of your knee and capacity for its use is cut by half. This decrease in function puts intensely abnormal loads on the knee joint and all surrounding tissues. When such an abnormal load is maintained for a long time, the tissues start to deteriorate and in time pain and injury occur.
  • Strength: Pain and poor mobility reduce strength, making you weaker. This weak state is your body’s way of decreasing the load on the stressed-out tissues. Part of effective treatment requires that you have strength where it’s needed. Our expert treatment utilises highly effective procedures to address the particular soft tissue concerns you’re experiencing. The result—you may get better, faster.

Getting You Results

Whether you want to swim, play tennis, do CrossFit or play with your grandchildren, you need the mobility, strength and function to be your best. We will strive to correct your problem so you can enjoy life to the fullest—pain-free.

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