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Pain in the Feet

ScreenshotWhen you get out of bed in the morning those first few steps can be absolute agony! It feels like there is a damned knife being pushed through the bottom of your foot. After dealing with that for a while it starts to hurt all day, every time you get up to walk. Then eventually every step of every day becomes painful and you wonder if it’s starting to affect your sanity!

Foot pain is a very common musculoskeletal problem that develops in patients and is most commonly referred to with the blanket term of “plantar fasciitis”. But the fact is this: if you have developed foot pain over a period of time, there’s very little chance that your problem is restricted only to inflammation in the plantar fascia.

Let’s think about it seriously for just a minute.

The question is: “Why has your foot become injured and painful?” The answer in 100% of cases is too much work load. Whenever the work that a tissue is asked to do exceeds that tissue’s capacity, damage and injury occurs.

The underlying question here becomes: “What is causing your foot to become overloaded?” We have stopped thinking of the pain itself as the problem and are now looking for why the pain is present in the first place. It’s a massive difference and will be the difference between getting your problem fixed and living in pain while it continues to worsen.


  1. Pain is your body’s natural response to damage and/or injury to the tissues (this is not a mistake that your body is making)
  2. In all muscle, nerve and joint pain problems there are tissues that are being overloaded
  3. The overloaded tissue can only persist in this environment for so long before damage & serious injury occurs
  4. This overloading is always due to poor function of your biomechanical chain – from your toes up into your back (in the absence of crazy activity – like ultramarathon running)

Poor function of your biomechanical chain

This basically means that something from your toes, foot, ankle, knee or hips aren’t doing their job completely and most commonly it is a combination of limited function across two or more regions combined with muscle weakness.

When you have this sort of mess happening even a normal amount of work (like standing still for a period of time or walking your dog) will result in too much load for the tissues and pain will be the result. But it’s not just pain – remember that your body’s highly evolved natural warning system is an alarm bell going off saying “dude, this is too much load and I’m about to be/or already am seriously damaged!”

What are you to do with your painful foot?

normal-ankle-dorsiflexionIt needs a comprehensive workup by a professional. Without a full case history, a carefully selected and expertly administered physical examination and an interpretation of the data, you will be guessing at the cause.

This will cost you thousands on ineffective treatments, months or years of lost happiness due to the limitations that having chronic pain place on you and further degeneration of your problem (and your health in general because it’s hard to exercise when you have chronic foot pain.)

The only way forward is to start by getting your diagnosis and Soft Tissue Solutions is the top clinic in the South West to get this done. Give our clinic a call and get booked in for your first appointment, let’s start the process of getting your life back!

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