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Knee Pain - 3 Big Mistakes



Having ongoing knee pain is extremely draining! The frustration builds as treatments fail and exercises cause more pain. We understand this and look to find the underlying cause of the pain and help you find a solution that will last!

Have you already tried multiple practitioners for your knee pain? Are the exercises and recommended treatments only providing temporary relief? Or even worse making your pain worse?

If this is you, then this article is going to be extremely helpful! There may actually be an answeår that you had no idea even existed!

“Knee pain effects 25% of adult over 50, and the number of knee replacement surgeries has surged extensively in recent years!”

If your knee pain isn’t managed by an expert who fully understands your individual injury or dysfunction. The potential for your knee to not only stay at the level of pain that you’re feeling now, but it may get much worse and irreparable damage can occur. If you apply the “wait and see” tactic or get the wrong treatment program the future may not look so comfortable, with:

  1. Ongoing worsening chronic pain
  2. Knee replacement surgery (with 9-12 months of prehab and rehab)
  3. Disability – difficulty achieving simple tasks like food shopping

Once you find a practitioner who is willing to go the whole way with you. To sit down and fully understand what is wrong. To complete a comprehensive examination of your knee, hip and even ankle function – you will know you are finally in the right hands. Getting back to your active, happy and functional life will directly result in:

  1. Lasting relief from your ongoing pain
  2. Being able to do more, function easier and even get some exercise again
  3. Avoid surgeries and other more serious interventions


“Generally accepted approaches to fixing knee pain are TERRIBLE! It’s beyond belief to me that “experts” are still telling patients that they should try ultrasound, or that they have a “weak VMO”. It’s such total inaccuracy that it borders on negligence! The poor unsuspecting patients!”


If you have knee pain and want to get rid of it (or at least minimise it to the max), then the next few nuggets of truth are going to be extremely valuable to you!


Getting a injection may on the surface seem like a great idea! It will take away the pain – but does that simply leave you free to destroy the joint and cartilage while the injection is still working? Studies would suggest that the answer is yes. Short term minor gain, long term major LOSS.


Fact 1

Cortisone injections are the worst thing you could be doing to fix your knee pain. This is such a bad idea that I wrote a whole article about it that you can find here. The main points that you need to know right now are:

  • The chemical compound that makes up your cortisone shot actually degenerates your injury faster – yes, you read that right – you are injecting something directly into the joint that we know makes it worse!
  • When you medicinally take away the pain it leaves you free to go and injure yourself further. This also speeds up the damage and brings you closer to surgery
  • Simply taking away the pain does nothing to fix why the pain has occurred in the first place

So if you are planning on using cortisone to dampen the pain – think again. Because it makes it worse, not better.


Fact 2

90% of the time weak knee muscles are not your priority problem. When you develop muscle weakness, it’s for a reason. There is almost always underlying issues that can be easily identified by an expert with special training in helping patients with knee pain. The truth here is that telling your patients that they have weak muscles is the easiest way to palm off all responsibility to the patient for fixing their own problem. Having a cookie cutter approach of “knee pain exercises” is so non-specific that your results are going to come down to random chance. There is a principle that work here: Trying to apply a simplistic solution to a complex problem doesn’t work.


Fact 3

Knee pain Guide Capture 2
Download my free guide on knee pain. It includes tests for your knee that you can do at home, some of the most common diagnoses that are often overlooked and my tried and tested Roadmap to overcoming chronic knee pain!

Knee mobility or flexibility is a very big deal indeed! Simply put – your knee requires full, pain free range of motion to be healthy. Full stop. If it can’t flex and extend the whole way the joint is constantly getting damaged. It leads to chronic pain and continuous degrading of the cartilage. This one fact on its own is completely overlooked by almost all musculoskeletal practitioners! Can you believe it?

Because if this article makes sense to you, or the facts I’ve taught here seem logical then you’ll be glad to hear that I’ve created this FREE GUIDE where I’ll show you:

  • How to test your own knee function at home
  • Tell you about the ONE biggest underlying cause of knee pain
  • Show you our tried and tested Roadmap to fix your knee pain

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