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Isn't More Treatment Better Than Less?

Question for you: which scenario is better?

45 minute treatment where you get:

  1. Spinal manipulation
  2. Trigger point therapy
  3. Acupuncture
  4. Therapeutic ultrasound
  5. Heat and ice
  6. Home stretches/exercises

15 minute consult where you get:

  1. Expert treatment and advice for your exact diagnosis?

Which approach has more validity? Which approach delivers more value?

I’ve come to know the first approach as the “Kitchen Sink” approach. The practitioner is throwing everything they know at a problem, with the hope that something will be helpful.

Clinical excellence is in knowing what not to do.

What you need is a practitioner who knows how to diagnose and fix your exact problem.

As nice as it is to get a long massage and warm heat pack, if it doesn’t fix your problem then you are wasting your time (and $$$). The whole reason you are in the practitioners office is to get fixed.

We understand this at Soft Tissue Solutions.

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