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Eccentric Medial Elbow Rehab

When you have a degenerative tendon it is an essential part of your rehabilitation to dust off the cobwebs, chuck on your sports socks and do some exercise.

It’s seriously not a lot to ask when you put it all in perspective: We ask our arms and hands to do an awful lot, with no thanks! And let’s be honest here, it was all this overworking business that got you into this situation in the first place.

So the number one type of exercises that will help you rebuild your tendon are known as eccentric loading exercises. This is a fancy way of saying “contraction while lengthening”. The “downward” portion of a bicep curl is eccentric load on the biceps muscle for example.

This is the core exercise that you need to perform for medial (the inside) elbow pain caused by tendinopathy.

You want to do this starting off with:

  • once every second day
  • the aim is to get 15 reps (set 1)
  • have a break for 1 minute
  • then do 15 more (set 2)

You can build your way up to doing 4 sets of 15 over a 2-3 weeks. If you can’t do 15 to begin with it’s fine! Simply work your way up slowly to do the 15 reps over a couple of weeks.

You gauge how much you need to do and how much weight you should be using based on how it is feeling for the following 24 hours after the exercise. Some guidelines to know if you are overdoing it:

  1. Pain over the next 24 hours should not be more than mild
  2. It will be a bit stiff when you go to warm up, but if it is sore during activity you’ve likely done too much
  3. Pain when you are resting – definite sign of over doing it.

If you have over done it no problems, simply reduce the weight you are using or reduce the number of repetitions. If you continue to have issues let me know.When you can do the 4 sets and it’s not more than mildly sore for 24h after exercise it’s time to increase your weight.

Of course this isn’t the only thing that needs to happen with you have elbow pain. You need a thorough diagnosis, great mobility (range of motion) and the right advice on how to effectively manage load and activity. If you are having problems with elbow pain give our office a call on (08) 9756 8420.

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