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Meet Dr Michael Vibert, B.Sci(Chiro)/B.Chiro

Dr Michael VibertDr Vibert studied double degrees in Chiropractic at Murdoch University, graduating with Honours in 2013. His six years of tertiary education also included an exchange to Boulder University in Colorado USA, allowing Dr Vibert to undertake extra studies in anatomy and physiology.

Although Dr Vibert studied Chiropractic, he soon learned that trying to fit every individual into the chiropractic system simply wasn’t working. He became curious about finding a practice that provided more logical, complete, and accurate diagnosis and treatment, and as such, his passion for Integrative Diagnosis flourished.

If you have been disappointed with other treatment modalities or left without answers and are looking to get to the bottom of what your problem is, come and see me. I will do everything I can to give you a complete and accurate diagnosis and a realistic prognosis.”

Since then, Dr Vibert has spent a large portion of time pursuing further training in the field of Integrative Diagnosis and has done so through attending extensive training seminars and workshops in Boston and Chicago. As a certified Integrative Diagnosis provider, he still visits the United States every few months for additional training and industry events. He also frequently participates in case reviews and discussions with other experts within the field.

Outside of the Practice

During his spare time, Dr Vibert likes to keep fit and active, particularly through trail running and cycling. He is also a member of his local cycling club and loves spending quality time with his family and pets.


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